Eat Happy!

It has felt fantastic to finally open the doors and undertake the first steps on our ‘better chicken’ journey.

We already have learnt a lot from you our customers about what you think of our food and the look and feel of the store – we have been taken aback by the genuine love our customers are already showing for our food (especially our sauces!) and your interest in the provenance and quality of our food. Talking to customers though it is apparent that many of them have come in without realising we are about super high welfare, free to roam birds that are grown for twice as long as regular chickens – I think most people come in thinking we are just a funky looking, new fried chicken shop, with regular, factory-farmed birds and no healthy options!

So, we will be making a few changes internally and externally to the look of the store to ensure we hit everyone right between the eyes with our “we are different” message. Hope you like it! In addition, our staff are fully trained “Chicken Masters” who can fill you in on the whats and the wherefores of our chicken…we think understanding the background to our chicken really helps you to taste the difference.

As with any new business, especially in the food sector, we have had one or two glitches (don’t you hate IT sometimes…!) and production hitches along the way but we are made of stern stuff and have been working flat out to achieve the service consistency and chicken perfection that we know we can produce and that our customers expect.

Since we opened, we have been in listening mode the whole time and so expect to see some tweaks to the menu (instore and online) to assist you in navigating it and to lead you towards ready made bundles and greater value. Expect some pre-built burgers with curious names but outstanding taste, some bursting lunchboxes full of our unique fried chicken and house fries and a sauce for an amazing price, expect some new sauces…..!

We are readying ourselves to turn on our own delivery service using our rather funky liveried scooters, so stay tuned for news of the actual date and some amazing offers that will accompany it. We think delivered gourmet chicken is going to be a huge hit and by delivering it to you ourselves, rather than relying on some third party with no affiliation with our brand and values, we believe we will deliver you our HB goodness in far better time and shape. #delivermehappy

Keep on cluckin’!

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