Eat Happy!

Hi all, clear blue skies and high temperatures – it really does feel like we are all living in one of the Mediterranean countries for a few blissful days. What with the weather and the World Cup, it certainly seems to me like the country has a bit more of a spring in its’ step than usual. Many people are thinking about their upcoming summer holidays and trying to look trim by the pool or on the beach. Summer diets can be tough but here at HB we can help – our delicious salads light tossed in our own zingy dressings, with or without some super healthy grilled chicken – can banish the food dread and leave you feeling great about yourself and really satisfied. Eat clean to stay lean as my wife always says to me!

For those of you with more of a focus on enjoying yourselves with a few drinks and some great buttermilk fried chicken whilst you watch the World Cup, the cricket or the tennis, then we have created some specials just for you. Whether you are watching on your own or with friends, we have created the perfect protein picnics for you – that can be enjoyed anywhere we can deliver to. For Deliveroo, we have created our Football deal for one or for two. Both represent a huge amount of our free range chicken in our unique buttermilk coating, with our house fries and some of our amazing own recipe sauces. Perfect for treating yourself or for sharing. Pound (£) for pound (lb) of chicken, we offer fantastic value compared to the competition – with the added benefit to our customers of knowing that the chicken they are eating has led a longer and more natural life and has not been pumped full of water or additives. Oh and the corn and herb fed diet makes it taste better!

In addition to these Deliveroo specials, look out for some further instore football inspired summer promotions…..think “if Carlsberg did buckets of chicken….”

We are delighted to add a Vegan burger to our menu – we already get a fair number of vegan and vegetarian customers enjoying our salads and sides and so we have developed what we think is a product that meets the same super high standards the we set for our chicken menu items. We look forward to hearing what you think of it.

Hope you enjoy whatever you are doing this summer. The best summer picture posted between now and the end of August on Facebook or Insta of you enjoying your HB food out and about wins a limited edition HB Snapback and a meal for two (make are you tag us).


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