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Last week was quite a week for the chicken fast food sector – KFC’s decision to switch logistics partner has backfired on them in a massive way and has left them facing every brand’s worse nightmare – having to close stores because they have no supply of their core product – quite a FCK up as they say so themselves in national newspaper adverts they have placed today.  Whilst it is frankly amusing to see them cock up in such spectacular fashion, we do not enjoy seeing their staff and franchisees suffer.  However, it has brought welcome focus to the sector and particularly the realisation that there is a better and healthier alternative to KFC (and what their supply chain stands for in terms of factory farming) that is starting to appear in the UK, namely free range chicken shops like Happy Bird. This follows on from Channel 4’s Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast TV programme on Friday 16th February which had a big feature on fried chicken in the UK and then emergence of a new type of free range chicken shops.  Jamie Oliver concluded by saying that it was great news that free range and better welfare chicken was starting to become available more widely and encouraged the public to embrace it.  Thanks Jamie for the vindication of our approach!  Our chicken really does taste better and it’s a whole lot bigger than its factory farmed equivalents, plus you get the piece of mind of knowing it has been reared as nature intended.

It was a fantastic surprise to be called out by The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday last week in their article on KFC and what high quality alternatives there are  – to be named as one of the Best Chicken Shops of 2018 after just a few weeks of trading is extremely flattering and makes us more determined than ever to make a huge success of Happy Bird.

As mentioned in my last blogpost, since opening we have been engaging with you our customers to ensure we offer you exactly what you want.  Last Monday saw the unveil of a slightly tweaked menu featuring some amazing ready built burgers and a few lower price points to give improved value. You may have seen some pics on Instagram of the new burgers – we are really proud of them and they have gone down a storm this week.  The “ Black Ops” burgers also made an appearance  – watch this space for further news on those monsters….

We are really confident that we have now have nailed the menu in terms of variety, taste and value for money, so please come in and try it for yourselves.

Now in terms of marketing, we are nearing the end of our ‘soft’ launch and are gearing up for our first campaign that will coincide with the turning on of our long awaited Delivery Service (#delivermeHappy).  So for those of you in our c. 9 minute drive time delivery area expect to receive soon through your door the Happy Bird delivery menu with a great introductory offer.  For the rest of you, either move to the area or keep coming to eat in or grab & go!!

This last weekend we ran our first “Bottomless Wings & Fries for just £12” promotion.  It was a great success and the piles of wing bones told us it was a deal you liked!  It will be back…..

Keep on clucking’!


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