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Who we are

Happy Bird is a contemporary, fast casual chicken restaurant that allows you to have our fabulous fresh and delicious chicken with us, delivered to your office or homes or, alternatively pop by and either grab and go at a lunchtime and grab a hot chicken to go from our food cart in the churchyard.

Set up by a team of friends and former colleagues who were fed up with the narrow and low brow choice of chicken options in the ‘food to go’ or casual dining market, Happy Bird seeks to grab the opportunity to fill that gap – now you can taste what chicken is meant to taste like!

We are pioneers in healthy fast food and want to give you the chance to make more informed, healthier food choices. But however you like it (we call this “chicken your way”), we’ll always offer you the best chicken around.


We are different because we only use the finest free-range chicken complimented by an exciting range of bespoke sauces with global influences and a range of nutritious and delicious sides and drinks, which are, wherever possible, responsibly sourced in the UK.

But the happiness doesn’t end just with the food. We take the same care we do when sourcing food to ensure that we run our business the right way, meaning treating suppliers as partners and building a sustainable business.

We only use environmentally-friendly packaging, build eco-friendly stores and deliver using where, possible, bicycles. Happy Bird will always tread lightly on the planet whenever it can – sustainability in the sense of our environment, our sourcing and being active parts of our communities really matter to us.

Chicken vision

We have one promise we will always deliver on – the best chicken in town.  We are obsessed with it. Convenience shouldn’t mean you have to make compromises on quality and taste. With Happy Bird, have chicken the way you want it, where you want it.

Provenance is key. Start with the best quality ingredients & suppliers and build from there. We only use very best, free range chicken, raised with care and for longer in the Yorkshire countryside with its corn diet (supplemented by fresh herbs) to give it its unique taste. Our chicken is a bird of quality and is so superior to the ordinary offering that they are even sold in Selfridges food hall!

But it’s no use having the finest ingredients if we then overcook the chicken through our cooking processes, like certain chicken restaurants we could mention. With our state of the art premium fryers, our chicken masters cook it to perfection every time, offering it up with a frequently changing range of unique sauces using diverse flavours from around the world, all painstakingly created from scratch by our development chef.

We don’t allow any nasties in our food, no MSG, no artificial flavourings and no additives. Others still do sadly. We only work with suppliers who share our values and philosophy.

Our outstanding food is accompanied by outstanding customer service. Our people are our brand so we will work tirelessly to ensure the highest, most engaging levels of customer service at all times. Happy chickens plus happy staff equals happy customers.

Chicken always has been and always will be a comfort food. We want you to love our food and enjoy our customer experience, whether it’s in our restaurant, in your office or as you walk around. Giving you a fantastic customer experience is a huge focus for us.

Happy Bird Tenders

Meet the birds and the people behind them

Our farmer is called Ed and he and his wife Emma are the food innovators behind the Happy Bird herb fed chickens. Ed’s family have farmed for generations in North Yorkshire and after a career in Property in London, Ed returned home to take up poultry farming, albeit with a difference.

So many purveyors of chicken claim that their birds are “free range” – but hand on heart, we can say that our birds are honestly and truly free range. The birds are free to roam outside all day in the North Yorkshire countryside and make use of their natural instincts – they are able to peck at the grass, find and eat insects, dust bathe and soak up the sunshine…. or the rain!

Happy Bird chickens are a Ross bird that has had time to grow slowly and are grown for twice as long as the average supermarket chicken. So they are bigger and tastier, brought up as nature intended.

These happy birds live in funky little mobile huts in small flock sizes, are hand-fed, bedded up daily with fresh straw. Bird densities are tiny by modern farming standards, including what many British supermarkets call free range. By maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards and enhancing their diet with fresh herbs which are grown at Ed’s aunt’s neighbouring farm, these birds have a unique flavour that we think is impossible to beat.

Edward Wilkinson


Herb Fed
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