Gourmet Fried Chicken

Remember how chicken used to taste? That delicious, succulent meat with that unique smell that we all remember from Sunday roasts during our childhoods?

Sadly that taste and succulence got lost along the way in the industrialisation of the food chain and the pressure on farmers to supply more always at a lower cost.

Unfortunately chicken farming has become all about birds who are fattened up so quickly they can barely stand by the ripe of age of 4 weeks old when they are sent off to enter the food chain.  The birds are kept in huge sheds in very high densities with negligible animal welfare considerations.

The raw meat is often injected with water to bolster their weight before ending up on supermarket shelves or in most food & casual dining outlets.  We all recognise the texture of the chicken we eat in our grab and go chicken sandwich, but it doesn’t taste like it used to…

The same can be said for the chicken used in most fast food and casual dining outlets; the lack of flavour of the meat is often disguised by strong sauces and coatings.

Simply put, the race to the bottom on price has been at the expense of taste.

Enough is enough.

In wanting to create a fast casual chicken business we only wanted to do it using the very best tasting free range birds raised in an ethical way.  But this term “free range” encapsulates a whole variety of different approaches to rearing chickens. We wanted to find a farmer whose interpretation of “free range” matched our own desires for animal welfare and quality.

This was not easy.

We wanted:

  • Super low density reared birds that live as traditional lives as possible
  • Free to roam pastureland and spend the bulk of their time outside in small colonies
  • Grown for longer

We did not want intensively reared chickens that had the chance of a wander outside for an hour or two but inevitably spent most if not all of their time in some enormous shed, still only raised for 4 weeks.

Why is this rearing process so important to us?  Because it is the right thing to do ethically and because it delivers a way better tasting bird.

Our search finally led us the Wolds of North Yorkshire and the Herb Fed farm of Ed, with his own fascinating story and his unique approach to rearing chickens.

Herb Fed Edward Feeding Chickens

Having sourced the best chicken it was time to create the menu and taste profile for our food.  We worked with Gerrard a pre-eminent, classically trained chef who has an overwhelming passion for food. He designed from scratch our range of sauces, coatings and side dishes using the best ingredients to perfectly complement our chicken.

We sourced as much as possible from artisanal suppliers in the UK who share our values and commitment to quality and taste.

We constructed a simple but fascinating menu of tastes, textures and flavours from around the world, allowing our customers to enjoy chicken ‘their way”, be that naked (grilled) or if they are feeling indulgent, buttermilk coated (fried).

Our sides allow you to be eat clean and healthy or to be a little more indulgent!

We think we have created the perfect menu and the ideal platform for you to enjoy your chicken your way, either at our place, at your place/workplace or on the go.

Now you can remind yourself of how chicken used to taste!

Straight from our kitchen to your front door.

Herb Fed Birds Wood Feed Rack
Herb Fed
Edward Wilkinson
Herb Fed Chicken In Field

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